It's all about you


You are powerful.

You are passionate.

You deliver again and again.

But you know you've got more to offer


neon juno understands the power of mindset and taking action first-hand.

Having worked with executives and high achievers, we know exactly what it takes to make profound breakthroughs that have impact.

You are a leader who has passion and drive and is hungry for the next level of performance. 

You are a leader who inspires others around you but needs time to inspire your own next step.

You are a high achiever who regularly hits the limits of possible and wants to push the boundaries further.

You are an experienced executive who isn't ready to coast along.

We are here to help you unlock that next level. We will create a safe place for you but won't let you play safe. We won't suck up to you but will build up your confidence. We won't listen to your inner critic but will be honest with you about what needs to change. We will believe in you but not your bullshit.

If you're ready to unlock 10x not just add 10% then I want to help.