About Claire Oatway, our founder

Anything is possible- it’s just most of us settle both in life and business, without stretching outside our comfort zones, to embrace the magic found just outside it. That wasn’t a mindset that I was born with but one that I’ve developed and helped others to stretch further than they dreamed.

Through my business, Neon Juno, I provide high-performance, executive and business coaching, helping you to achieve what you didn’t think was possible. I’m here to coach you to push outside the familiar to find your true potential.

I’m a change-maker, being recognized internationally as an inspirational and innovative leader; a success coach who can show and empower you to transform, to achieve results and solutions, and embrace the power of neon-tinged confidence, that will serve you for a lifetime.

As a Leadership guru and pioneer, my passion is about helping strategic leaders and entrepreneurs with strategy, change management and leadership development, encouraging positive change to previous mindsets, embracing curiosity in the way of working and how as a leader you can encourage and nurture the best from your team, as they accompany you on your journey, every step of the way.

Let me be a strategy adviser and share my consummate business values with you, to unlock exponential growth, both as an individual and as part of a company; so you don’t have to do it alone.

My service is grounded in decades of first-hand leadership and management experience. In a previous role, as COO for Beacon Medical Group, I steered the team to set a new identity and structure, growing the business by 34% on top of generating £780,000 worth of additional income, despite being in the shadow of constrained public finances.

By sharing my first hand-experience and vast knowledge as a keynote speaker and as a entrepreneurial consultant, I’m here to show the you and your business that anything is possible, inspiring others to venture outside of their comfort zone, to unlock achievement like never before.