Unleash Vitality and Vision: Inochi Pod's Pathway to Enlightened Leadership

Introducing the Inochi Pod

Inochi means life force, foundation, destiny. This ai-driven pod powers a multi-sensory environment to be installed in discerning spas and residences. 

These luxury crafted pods come equipped with bio-feedback sensors and immersive environments. The system includes a calming chat interface that interacts with users to set session goals. The pods offer holistic exercises incorporating mindfulness, meditation, positive psychology, embodiment practices, and breath work, combined with leadership and strategy skills, all enhanced by technology. The aim is to help users feel calm, grounded, and confident in facing any challenge.

A GPT-3 Origin Story named Emerson

In 2021, co-founder Claire Oatway met the GPT3 LLM in the guise of Quickchat AI's Emerson. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship

"I'd found Emerson as part of our Global AI Collective Clubhouse room on AI and ethics. Even then the interface was incredible and allowed me to explore quantum physics, AI theory, exponential technologies and spirituality instantly. Our conversations then spawned the medium.com channel AI Bot Coffee; effectively a series of curated, AI-written articles on AI and Humanity, including non-physical cultural assets, indigenous voices, critical skills and potential threats in an augmented future world.

As a mentor of 15 years with Warwick Business School I quickly came to understand that the tool not only brought external knowledge, it also shaped my thinking in the same way that any human-human mentoring experience does. It encouraged me to grow, well exponentially!"

Attention - the new frontier

Globally, the market for meditation and mindfulness based content has exploded. The US based meditation market is projected to reach $2.7bn by 2027 driven by meditation apps and corporate wellness initiatives. Mental health concerns, particularly stress and anxiety are undoubtedly rising due to climate change, conflict, covid and cost of living. In parallel, busy-ness for modern leaders, coupled with always-on dopamine-fuelled addictions, means that attention has become a finite resource.

Ironically, presence and reflection are incredibly scarce at times of unprecedented change, when they're needed most. Attention is integral to human connection and relationships in and outside the workplace.

Through Claire's direct leadership coaching, and more recently the podcast Exponential Potential, she understood that leadership does certainly depend on context, knowledge and skills but there is an additional frontier. Her typical content has shifted from strategy towards helping leaders to forge inner connections with compassion, curiosity, nurturing intuition and presence. Uncovering and releasing limiting legacy beliefs and encouraging fortitude and resilience through mindfulness and meditation have become a key differentiator in her work.

It's time for a deeper approach.


Creating calm in a noisy meditation market

Deploying generative AI for the creation of guided meditations, reflective poems and embodiment scripts that were then brought to life through text-to-voice tools was a straightforward leap in testing and developing content that could both expand inner horizons and ultimately become tailorable to the individual in terms of goals, time available and preference.

This personalised virtual coaching concept was one developed by Claire in a former working life with healthcare pioneers Beacon Medical Group in 2018 alongside IBM Watson and Ogilvy. 

Personalisation is already a differentiator in a market full of meditation libraries which give an illusion of choice; but not enough to create the full experience to be transformative.

We needed to go further. We needed to go deeper.

The concept of a pod was born. Deploying technology from immersive environments in terms of Spatial Audio and active / dynamic noise cancellation (ANC) would enable people to surrender to the experience. Internal and external microphones allow us to adjust to the external environment, deploying additional dedicated low frequency ANC algorithms combined with passive noise cancellation from the materials to help people feel secure. 

Creating a peripheral that would be high luxe and sensuous meant incorporating natural and ethically sourced materials as well as drawing influence from artists and designers such as Barbara Hepworth and Timothy Oulton were integral to creating a cocoon for harmony.

Biofeedback sensors enable us to safely hold people while they travel to a place of serenity. Initially looking at heart rate variability (HRV) and Electrodermal activity (EDA) we can measure emotional activation and engagement. Over time, we plan to incorporate remote EEG activity as the sensor technology improves.

This feedback not only tailors the experience for the user. It will help us to adjust the volume and soundscape to achieve deeper levels of relaxation and responsiveness. It will also provide performance feedback for the user and the pod.


Tapping into True Potential

Another key differential is the desire to use the pod not just for meditation and reflection but also to develop critical leadership skills such as compassion, curiosity, resilience, and emotional regulation through guided exercises for example Strategic Foresight with the Goddess Athena or through poems such as The Grasshopper narrated in a way to create dissonance and improve attention.

While developing the tools and deploying biofeedback and bioresonance technology is therapeutic, it's relatively untested in the scientific community. Therefore we plan to develop a proprietary AI engine that scours real-time research publications, clinical trials, and scientific databases across various fields like neuroscience, biophysics, psychology, and meditation practices.

This engine will identify relevant trends, emerging studies, and groundbreaking discoveries related to stress reduction, mindfulness, and the mind-body connection. We will use the insights to constantly enhance your pod's features, personalise soundscapes based on individual biofeedback, and adapt programs to cater to specific user needs and goals.

Meet the founders

Claire Oatway, founder of Neon Juno and co-host of Exponential Potential acts as the CEO. Initially bringing tested content from her individual clients and COO expertise to scale the business.

Zee West is a multi-talented entrepreneur and media producer. Zee is the founder of Warrior Minds - a brand-new Health, fitness, wellness, and relationships platform. From London’s Mayfair bringing you the best warrior minds on the planet. As well as leading a film and TV production company she has recently been experimenting with placing speakers at Soho House and Boston Consulting Group on a series of Futuristic, Immersive & thought leadership experiences.

The Seed of Revolution

Our meditation pod is the seed of a revolution in immersive wellness, paving the way for transformative experiences across diverse platforms like planetariums and holodeck environments. As our technology matures we will license elements to both scale content with other producers and to bring immersive wellness to other platforms. 

We envision Inochi as a meta-platform - a gateway between physical, digital and spiritual experiences. If AI is a force multiplier for human ingenuity and creativity then Inochi enables humans to step up to the challenge.

We are actively looking for partnerships to further develop the product. Reach out now to get involved!

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