Public-Private Alliance Partnership

In every organisation, setting direction and monitoring performance against goals are mission critical. In an alliance, that’s more complex but no less important.

We worked with a Public-Private partnership made from several stakeholders of varying size and maturity. despite the reach of influence, as a group they were still ineffective in gaining any traction against the common objectives. Some partners around the table had the power and weight of resource, but not the autonomy to act; others had the agility in service design and responsiveness, but lacked the resources. Individual within the group represented their own organisational hierarchy, others represented networks.

All partners had a strong desire to move together but were grappling with how to introduce accountability; to ensure everyone is pulling their weight and in the right direction. We used our design skills to create an intuitive and attractive document that highlighted the key performance metrics. This simple approach drew on research of the alliance’s operating environment and an in-depth evaluation of the priorities of the alliance and its constituent members. The scorecard itself pulled in indicators which would act as ‘commitment devices’ either as key consumer value metrics or legislative requirements to cut through the organisational and professional politics.

The simple design would firmly cement the alliance as a top quartile performer and could be readily interpreted by a mixed audience to boost buy-in and action among all of the different players. Senior leaders felt more confident in directing their teams and less conflicted against their own organisational goals.

Partnerships are a vital tool to deliver accelerated progress towards a common goal, increasingly, the business world is adopting this strategy:

To leverage the very best capabilities
To be agile and responsive
To operate in multiple markets

With careful design and support you can make the most of synergies to make sure that everyone delivers at the top of their own game to make a greater impact. We can work with your alliance, whether an external partnership and internal multi-disciplinary project group, to tighten up direction and increase impact.