Health Practices Merger

A group of high-performing healthcare providers decided to merge to attract the brightest talent and expand their range of services. They needed to build a solid and reliable brand and to restructure the business.

We coached the leadership team in creating a vision, brand and roadmap to quantify an ambitious growth cycle. From that, we developed a new organisational blueprint with the objective of developing best practice processes and to introduce the skills needed to enable growth.

We developed a clear five-year plan that would ensure that as the organisation grew, it would have a stable structure and the capability deliver first class services through a team that felt part of the journey.

Included in this piece of work a new corporate planning cycle and appraisal framework were introduced, ensuring decisions were aligned with the bigger picture, and the team members worked to purpose. Fiscal measures were introduced developing appropriate budget monitoring and forecasting. A new workforce plan and clear training pathways meant that the teams were able to re-skill and were re-energised.

The market environment is under-developed with little attention to IT and workforce development, so pioneering strategies were developed from scratch. These strategies attracted investment and went on to influence regional policies. The firm became a national leader in the pathway for creating new entities, attracting attention from national think tanks and others considering the similar strategies.

A clear direction and strategy reinforced the professionalism and ambition of the new group in the eyes of regulators and attracted new talent to the organisation in a highly competitive labour market. This also made the firm attractive to others in terms of merger and acquisition with the firm growing from £4m to £6m turnover in its first four years.