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Exponential Leadership

That's what we care about and we want to help you build it in yourself and in your business. 


How do you handle change at an unprecedented pace? 

How do you build a team that would walk through fire? 

How do you create a flexible and unbreakable structure for your business?

How do you prepare the future and prepare for the future at the same time?

Over the next few days we've curated an awesome expert collective covering essential topics that will leave you inspired and refreshed.

Take a look at our timetable, meet our guest speakers and get hold of the swag bag below...

Our Guest Speakers

Exponential Leadership – the secret to uncertainty - Monday 14th June 3:20 pm BST

Future shaping masterclass - Wednesday 16th June 3:20 pm BST

Claire Oatway

CEO, Executive Coach, Business Strategist & Thought Leader, Neon Juno

Anything is possible- it’s just most of us settle both in life and business, without stretching outside our comfort zones, to embrace the magic found just outside it. That wasn’t a mindset that I was born with but one that I’ve developed and helped others to stretch further than they dreamed.

Through my business, Neon Juno, I provide high-performance, executive and business coaching, helping you to achieve what you didn’t think was possible. I’m here to coach you to push outside the familiar to find your true potential.

I’m a change-maker, being recognized internationally as an inspirational and innovative leader; a success coach who can show and empower you to transform, to achieve results and solutions, and embrace the power of neon-tinged confidence, that will serve you for a lifetime.

As a Leadership guru and pioneer, my passion is about helping strategic leaders and entrepreneurs with strategy, change management and leadership development, encouraging positive change to previous mindsets, embracing curiosity in the way of working and how as a leader you can encourage and nurture the best from your team, as they accompany you on your journey, every step of the way.


Reduce Stress…Improve Performance - Monday 14th June 2:20 pm BST

Diksha Chakravarti

Stress, Anxiety & Trauma Specialist, Workshop Trainer & Speaking Enthusiast

Are you Stressed…?

Is it affecting your Productivity…?

Do you need help coping with Stress…?

If you answered yes to these, please come to Diksha’s talk to get tried and tested tips/strategies to help your specific challenges

Offer: I am happy to offer a FREE 20 min Discovery Call followed by a half price Consultation (valued at £150) for anyone in the meeting who needs help with Stress Management 


The Creative Process - Helping you go beyond conventions - Monday 14th June 4:20 pm BST

Amanda Duncan

Founder & Director, Scribeasy

 Hello! I'm the founder of Scribeasy: a creative engine for children's story-making. It is an innovative and visual method to help young people build knowledge and the skills to use information.
The beauty of an arts background and parenting afforded me an experience to revisit education through a different lens. I saw a creative gap that could be solved using technology to help children, like my dyslexic son, achieve more from writing to encourage more curiosity and a growth mindset.

We all know kids love technology; I could see that as opposed to giving a teacher more work and loading their lesson commitment, a blended writing experience supported with tech solutions could allow children to get involved as researchers and prepare the classroom learning.

Why am I so committed to Scribeasy? Not only to build young people up to be capable, employable and resilient adults: but in a fast-changing world, Scribeasy is a tool for schools that helps equip children with curiosity and suit the demands of the future job market.


Your focused Guided Meditation to "Fill your reserves of energy" - Monday 14th June 4:45 pm BST

Balanced Chakras - Balanced Life - Tuesday 15th June 4:45 pm BST

Business Leadership & setting expectations in your workforce - Wednesday 16th June 4:45 pm BST

Monika Bammi

Reiki master, Wellbeing coach and an NLP

Monika is the founder of Divine Health & Wellbeing and awarded “The Holistic Specialist of the year 2020” by Corporate Livewire Prestige Awards. She has helped thousand of people gain control of their lives. Her ability to connect using Reiki, Chakra Balancing and many other Holistic Treatments has created the transformative change in their wellbeing and her coaching has taken their level of health and vitality and success to a whole other level because combining energy with real world tangible tools has made all the difference in peoples lives.

With her client’s positive results and feedback and own experience and knowledge, she has created a premium experience and personalised online programme called “The Magic Toolkit - from Stress to Success” eliminating stress and anxiety, freeing CEOs & Executives from their past negative emotions which hinder their progress and help them be excited about their career and regain control of their life.

Offer: Use the code Happy 2021 To claim your discount 50% off “The Magic Toolkit From Stress to Success” online course that will give you your life back: https://masterdivinehealth.thinkific.com/courses/1 


How do we spark conversations that heal systems of care? - Tuesday 15th June 2:20 pm BST

Sam Meikle

Founder, Spark the Difference

Sam believes in people, possibilities and the power of deep conversations. Her background is in IT, with a decade's experience in system development and change management projects. While she “gets” systems, processes and projects, her passion is with people.

Sam transitioned into healthcare improvement in 2012 and led a national programme to bring people and information together to improve care, specifically on GP online records and information governance. Her focus was on involving of patients and the public in understanding, developing and using information and technology to improve care. In 2016, she founded Spark the Difference and has been working to help NHS leaders to understand and act on, what matters to people who give and receive care.

A conversation with Sam will probably include a question of, "what does humanity in every care interaction mean to you?"


Thinking in Networks: Using Networked Thinking for Business and Education - Tuesday 15th June 3:20 pm BST

Chris Phippen

CEO, Hatless Studios

 Hello, I'm Chris! CEO of Hatless Studios - a software development studio run entirely by students and recent-grads. We build great software, provide experience and cash to students, and support our business and university ecosystems as much as we can.

I've been described as a polymath with specialities in Computer Science, Clinical Psychology and Psychometrics, Music, Business, Ethical Philosphy, and Complex Systems, which basically means I can't sit still and like to learn stuff.

I enjoy interesting conversations with great people, connecting people together, and building cool s***.


What fires up people? - Wednesday 16th June 2:20 pm BST

Abi Pearce

Founder & CEO, Seventh House

I have learned that the best thing organisations can do to empower teams is to understand that communication, collaboration and improved performance cannot—will not—happen in a vacuum.

The dynamic organisations I have worked with bake meaningful employee engagement into day-to-day activities and prioritise healthy teams, leaning in on purposeful, people-centric development to inspire value-driven behaviour. They understand the unique challenge of HR, ensuring that individual strengths become collective strengths.
The results are worth its weight in gold: increased trust, amplified resilience, and long-term engagement; high-performing teams living by your core values / guiding principles; brand ambassadors championing employee loyalty. Therefore, we must put someone in charge of it; and that someone is me.


If you need to share the work, then share the glory - Tuesday 15th June 4:20 pm BST

Dave Ford

MD at Big Cat Capital

Developing as a business leader in any environment is a deeply personal journey. Mine began in the complex, regulated and highly commercial, aviation industry. I recall initially powering through milestones and problems, leading from the front. I evolved into a far more collaborative leader, learning patience and the art of onboarding people to a purpose beyond the boundaries of their typical role. Now, having migrated to the exciting SME sector, I use the learnings of my career so far, and my imagination for what the future holds to develop business horizons with my clients and partners. 

Offer to any clients that sign up within the week of the CogX event will enjoy a FREE trio of coaching sessions for any member of their team.


Building organisational resilience through the exploration of anticipatory futures - Wednesday 16th June 4:20 pm BST

Matthew Payne

Director, Matthew Payne Limited

Matthew is interested supporting organisations to anticipate and grow from the challenges and opportunities that they experience. They will do this by increasing their organisational strength, a strength based on the levels of relational and functional trust. An organisation’s absorptive capacity needs to grow to better understand signals of the future and in to enhance ambidexterity; the management of the current alongside an exploration of the future. He has created a diagnostic to measure current organisational resilience strength and a series of follow up activities to build on that strength through using anticipatory futures.