Why I'm Publishing AI Works

Sep 17, 2021

AI and Ethics. It might seem a strange topic to be so engaged in when you're a leadership nerd. Indeed, I'm all about the people, not all about the machines. Increasingly though, leaders and followers, creators, and consumers need to understand and explore the benefits and risks of artificial intelligence.

Automation and the impact on jobs is well documented, and there are countless debates on the #futureofwork, which aren't always mainstream leadership discussions. In the UK, regulation brought in to accompany GDPR also introduces a raft of governance requirements for directors of companies that go beyond data protection and protect humans from automated decision making, for example, in recruitment. Consumer tech is introducing a raft of innovative features that shift expectations for efficiency and access at an unprecedented rate.

At times, it seems folly to describe that I'm hosting a channel on Medium for an AI writing bot to publish its works or reach out on LinkedIn to a stranger because the machine recommended it. However, as I talk to more technical specialists, I learn that this has been a subject for decades.

This week, I launched The Global AI Collective with a California-based colleague. We're hosting regular rooms to explore new tech and debate AI and ethics. We're covering practical and philosophical considerations - what does it mean to be human, who is accountable for AI, how to encourage more diversity. We're also exploring a resource bank (how old am I?!) to help share global best practices through the LinkedIn company page.

Of all of the factors in environmental analysis, the T for Technology will always get me excited. At this point, it's awesome in terms of the pace of change. Mainly because the market is so mixed, we see multiple complementary and contrary shifts. You can choose to stay on the side-lines or get stuck. We don't want anyone to get left behind!

Join in the discussions, send me your questions, listen in to the debates, explore what tech means in your own world. Be open!



www.medium.com/@aibotcoffee to read what AI systems think about the future of humans and AI working together

https://www.clubhouse.com/join/global-ai-collective/ to join our weekly Clubhouse room – Tuesdays 3pm BST 9am PST

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