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change management collaboration leadership Jul 03, 2023

Earlier this year, Pharmacy Voice commissioned a series of CPD articles aimed at upskilling leaders in pharmacy and across the healthcare industry. For full access to the article follow the link here;

Link to CPD module

The article triggers many questions around community in the workplace and how you as a leader play a critical role in fostering community in order to improve performance in the workplace. So, for each of the free to access modules we're diving deeper to give you the key questions you should be asking in your own workplace today.

  1. "How can fostering a sense of community within your pharmacy team transform the quality of service and innovation in patient care?"

    • This question delves into the concept of community within the workplace and its impact on service delivery and innovation, as discussed in the article.
  2. "In what ways do traditional performance management strategies potentially undermine team cohesion, and how can peer recognition serve as a more effective alternative?"

    • Provokes reflection on the limitations of conventional performance management and explores peer recognition's role in fostering a positive work environment.
  3. "How can cross-team communication and collaboration be the key to unlocking your pharmacy's full potential, and what strategies can you implement to encourage this?"

    • Encourages leaders to think about the barriers to cross-team collaboration and practical steps to enhance communication across different areas of the pharmacy operation.
  4. "What practical steps can you take to ensure all voices are heard within your team, particularly those from more junior members, to drive innovation and growth?"

    • This question challenges the notion of hierarchical communication, emphasizing the value of contributions from all team members, regardless of their position.
  5. "How does the concept of reverse mentoring challenge traditional notions of leadership and knowledge sharing in the pharmacy, and what benefits can it bring?"

    • Invites leaders to consider the benefits of reverse mentoring for both personal development and organizational growth.
  6. "Can the introduction of shadowing opportunities within your pharmacy enhance operational understanding and empathy among team members, and how might this impact patient care?"

    • Asks leaders to evaluate the potential impact of shadowing programs on team dynamics and patient care quality.
  7. "Reflecting on your leadership journey, how have moments of failure or misunderstanding become opportunities for growth, and how can you foster a similar learning culture within your team?"

    • Encourages personal reflection on the role of challenges in professional development and how such a mindset can be cultivated within the team.

We'd love to take the conversation further to help you explore leadership and strategy development in your context.

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