How do I Talk So Those Inner Voices Listen?

change management leadership transformation Sep 04, 2023

Earlier this year, Pharmacy Voice commissioned a series of special CPD modules on leadership and communication.

In this final module, we examined how you can talk so inner voices listen. Follow the link to explore in more detail and enjoy the reflective exercises!

Link to Article

Like so many followers of this blog you'll be burning to go deeper so why not consider these additional questions triggered by the article!

    1. "How do internal 'saboteurs' silently undermine our leadership effectiveness and team cohesion, and what strategies can we employ to overcome them?"

      • This question prompts leaders to recognize and confront the internal narratives that hinder personal and team growth, as discussed through the concept of 'saboteurs' in the article.
    2. "In the diverse landscape of team dynamics, which frameworks offer the most practical insights for building high-performing teams in our sector?"

      • Encourages exploration of various models for understanding team dynamics, such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicators, Belbin Team Roles, and De Bono’s Thinking Hats, and how these can be applied within healthcare settings.
    3. "Why is it crucial for us, as leaders, to develop a deep understanding of our own and our team's personality traits and saboteurs, and how can this knowledge transform team performance?"

      • Invites leaders to reflect on the importance of self-awareness and understanding team dynamics for enhancing team performance and patient care.
    4. "How can recognizing and addressing the 'Judge' saboteur within us lead to improved decision-making and healthier team environments?"

      • Challenges individuals to identify and mitigate the effects of their inner critic, the 'Judge', to foster a more positive and productive workplace.
    5. "What practical steps can we take to ensure our leadership messages are not only heard but fully embraced by our teams, in light of understanding common 'saboteur' voices?"

      • Seeks actionable strategies for communicating effectively with team members by acknowledging and countering the distractions caused by common saboteur voices.
    6. "Given the complex and stressful nature of our work, how can we utilize the understanding of 'saboteurs' to maintain high morale and motivation among our teams?"

      • Asks for strategies to keep teams motivated and morale high by leveraging insights into how saboteurs influence emotions and behaviors in high-pressure environments.
    7. "Reflecting on your leadership journey, how have your 'saboteurs' shaped your path, and what transformations have you experienced by acknowledging and addressing them?"

      • Encourages personal reflection on how overcoming internal saboteurs has led to growth and transformation in one's leadership style and effectiveness.

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