Setting up for a glorious year ahead!

Jan 13, 2021





having, worthy of, or bringing fame or admiration.

"the most glorious victory of all time"


having a striking beauty or splendour.

"a glorious autumn day"

After my recent article about intentional feelings, I was asked what my word for 2021 would be. Courageous was my natural first word. This last year has taught me so much about fear and mindset. That your thoughts aren’t often reality and you can overcome most things with courage. Its what set me off on a solo motorbike trip across Europe, and indeed on many of my adventures. But that didn’t set the right tone. To be honest, it felt like hard work.
You see, with courage, you have to face up to adversity. You have to go to those places where you feel fear and push beyond them. Of course, I will do that throughout the year, not one to shy away from a challenge. But I didn’t’ want to make 2021 all about work, all about challenge. I wanted a word that would be much more fun.
Just before Christmas, my blog posts were recognised in a compendium of who’s who writers. Both in the top 100 leadership blogs, websites and articles and in the top 45 consulting blogs.
It’s cool to be recognised, my intention had always been around sharing my perspectives on leadership. I’ve been taught and do teach that putting good out into the world will come back. I’ve trusted in that belief and it has nearly always served me well.
So, I’ve chosen to take it much much further and to go for the word glorious. Have you ever looked at the definition? It’s a bold statement, and could rub a few people up the wrong way. After all, shouldn’t we be humble, self-effacing not too big for our boots?
Look more closely, the definition also extends to worthy of admiration. That means showing up. That means talking openly, celebrating, shouting from the hilltops. That means living the life that I meant to lead, playing it big. Going for glory!
Words have such an impact on us. They frame our mood, they play on our fears and they set our limits. But replay that sentence over with a positive intent rather than a negative intent:
they frame our mood – to be as optimistic, positive, determined as we can;
they play on our fears – and listen to but ultimately dismiss them;
they set our limits – however far out we dare to go.
So why not choose a word that will set you up for success for this year. You don’t have to go as far as glorious, but could choose calm, abundant, positive, resilient, mindful.
For me, with a book coming out this Spring and the launch of a new course as well as the growing coaching business, glorious is a word I’m going to have a lot of fun with. I’d love to hear the word that you’ve chosen! Why not share through the socials.

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