How do I get to a Hell Yeah every time?

change management coaching leadership success Aug 07, 2023

The industry publication - Pharmacy Voice commissioned a series of CPD modules on Leadership Inside Secrets focussing especially on leadership, communication and change. 

In the second module of the series, we examine how to weave in motivation so that you can get to a Hell Yeah every time!

Follow the link here to access the module

Link to CPD module

If you want to take this subject further, here are some great reflective questions to deepen your understanding:

  1. "Why do the majority of change and transformation initiatives fail, and what can be done differently to ensure success?"

    • This question probes the high failure rate of change initiatives and seeks solutions for improving outcomes, addressing the complex dynamics within healthcare environments.
  2. "How can we transform potentially disruptive changes into opportunities for growth and enhanced team loyalty?"

    • Focuses on turning challenges into opportunities by fostering a positive team culture that embraces curiosity, adventure, and loyalty, even in the face of significant changes.
  3. "In the context of scarce resources and tight budgets, how can we manage change in a way that builds engagement and satisfaction among both customers and team members?"

    • This question explores strategies for leading change that not only achieves operational goals but also boosts team morale and customer satisfaction within the constraints of the healthcare industry.
  4. "What role does self-awareness play in our ability to effectively manage change, and how can we develop this critical skill?"

    • Emphasizes the importance of self-awareness for leaders navigating change and offers insights into how this attribute can significantly influence the success of transformation efforts.
  5. "How can we identify and adapt to the varied communication preferences and emotional responses of our team members during periods of change?"

    • Seeks to understand the impact of diverse communication styles and emotional reactions on change management, highlighting the need for tailored approaches to engage and support team members effectively.
  6. "What practical steps can we take to ensure we're not just communicating change but truly engaging their team in a way that prompts enthusiastic support?"

    • This question digs into the mechanics of effective communication and engagement strategies that elicit a positive and supportive response from team members during change initiatives.
  7. "Given the critical importance of non-verbal communication in leadership, what strategies can we employ to ensure our body language and tone reinforce our message during times of change?"

    • Addresses the often-overlooked aspect of non-verbal communication in leadership, especially during change, and explores ways leaders can align their non-verbal cues with their intended message for greater impact.

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