International Helicopter Maintenance Company

A company delivering helicopter maintenance had encountered endemic issues in the delivery of their primary contract. Their contract was to deliver major helicopter servicing to their OEM client, Augusta Westlands.

Although the symptoms of their struggles manifested in the timely delivery of the product, and its associated profitability, it became evident that the management and supply chain support to the production areas was ineffective.

By embedding ourselves within the business we were able to identify the roadblocks hindering efficient flow of information and activity. In isolating these areas, we were able to work with our client to align interdepartmental goals with the overall objective of delivering projects on time, on budget and to the highest of quality standards. With a workforce engaged in their role in delivering the contract, and measurements in place to monitor future performance our client was able to improve project adherence, profitability and quality escapes reduced significantly.

Whilst identifying and improving the causal factors of the company’s delivery issues, we were acutely aware of a management culture that was preoccupied with internal power struggles. This was highlighted to the company director as his biggest risk to sustaining improvements in the medium to long term. We were able to develop and execute a strategy to harmonise the management team in parallel to the main body of work.