Local Government

When approached by our client, they had just been rocked by a 40% reduction in external funding with little leeway in terms of statutory commitment or in public expectations for service delivery.
A change in senior leadership had placed teams under pressure to identify and deliver change fast. Levels of employee engagement were sinking fast, and executives had to rebuild worker loyalty and productivity at a time of threat.

Working with the client we redesigned the corporate planning approach with a bias towards engaging everyone with the challenge of the situation. The use of staff events to break down the hierarchical barriers and empower individuals to embrace the challenge were held across all sites. This was critical in underlining that the threat was significant and that, without a shift, job losses would be inevitable; the approach pushed executives out of central offices to re-engage workers with the core values and social purpose of the organisation.

With the leadership team we developed a new corporate planning framework and stakeholder engagement plan. With heavy involvement of corporate finance and OD leads this approach encouraged teams to identify areas for cash savings, income generation through outsourcing or selling own services, and developing a shared services approach with key partners who could assist. The framework introduced external and robust support and challenge sessions to develop with managers across the departments.

The new corporate plan was developed over a period of 7 months. The public body had a clear organisation strategy and having attained high levels of commitment from staff and stakeholders were able to embark on an ambitious, at times controversial transformation programme that would reshape its organisation design without compromising on core values.