Helping experts to create a business beyond their wildest ambition by cementing their vision into key strategic building blocks including strategy, first 5 year plan, IT strategy and workforce / talent management.

Problem: A diverse group of technical specialists had taken their individual successful enterprises to their limit and wanted to merge to develop more resilience and to increase their market share in health services regionally. Their existing management team had solid operational management skills but not the corporate understanding to take the business forward.

Solution: Working alongside this diverse group we coached the team to fine tune their vision and outline brand ideas. From that, we developed a set of products that would define and shape the new entity, build up its corporate infrastructure and set a new organisation design that would bring the very best from the legacy firms and build in skills needed to grow.

Providing the strategic leadership we developed most of the materials for ratification by the owner panel. The five year plan provided a comprehensive framework that would ensure that as the organisation grew it would have key assets in place to assure regulatory stakeholders and to give stability at each stage of growth. This would go on to inform a new corporate planning cycle and appraisal framework. Budget monitoring and forecasting was introduced to ensure tighter controls were in place and to help owners to transition from legacy firms into the new larger firm.

The market environment is under-developed with little attention to IT and workforce development so pioneering strategies were developed from scratch. These strategies provided a springboard for investment and to steer regional policies for investment. The firm became a national leader in the pathway for creating new entities, attracting attention from national think tanks and parallel alliances considering the same moves.

The system architecture that was put in place reinforced the professionalism and ambition of the new group in the eyes of regulators and attracted new talent to the organisation in a highly competitive labour market. This also made the firm attractive to others in terms of merger and acquisition with the firm growing by 33% in its first four years.

Big ideas need big picture planning... If you're at the start of your entrepreneurial journey or looking to scale we can help you to put the right plans in place. We want to help you to focus your energy and talent on growth, we'll build the tools around you, providing mentoring support to help fine tune your vision and to inspire the people that count.


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